Vote That [Person] Out!

by Paul Kolinski

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The Radio-friendly version! Vote that you-know-who out!


Everybody get out on election day, VOTE THAT [PERSON] OUT!
We only got this chance that we can have our say, VT[P]O!
All the cheatin', all the lyin', I ain't buyin' the news, VT[P]O!
Well he's pushed it too farn now it's his turn to lose, VT[P]O!
He's been living in a castle, he's been living in a bubble
We're gonna show the [fellow] that he's really in trouble


I got a reason to believe that a change is gonna come, VT[P]O!
But don't be holding your breath if we can't get this done, VT[P]O!
We don't need to forget about the things [on which] we disagree, VT[P]O!
But now' the time to band together 'gainst the common enemy, VT[P]O!
Everybody's been complaining that the system is broken
We can let that [fellow] know that the people have spoken


Everybody get out on election day, VOTE THAT [PERSON] OUT!
Don't let the [fellow] scare you, push him out of the way, VT[P]O!
We've been taken for a ride, we've been under attack, VT[P]O!
He took our pride away but we're gonna take it back, VT[P]O!
Let's vote the [fellow] out and make a change and begin
And if the new guy's the same, we can do the same to him


©SOCAN 2015 "Vote That [Person] Out!" by Paul Kolinski


released October 9, 2015


tags: rock Toronto


all rights reserved


Paul Kolinski Toronto, Ontario

Paul Kolinski is a Toronto-based musician. He performs around town with his bands Heavy On The Willie and Silent Five. He also plays with Dave Clark, The Woodshed Orchestra, The Woodchoppers Association, The Uplifters, Harrington, Joe Lapinski Band, Brodie Lodge and others. ... more

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